IMT CDL Synopsis Project Guidelines

  1. You need to make Synopsis FIRST. Project is to be made only AFTER Synopsis is approved
  2. Synopsis/Project should be under the following heads: Finance, HR, Marketing, Systems, Operations or International Business. This is a COMPULSORY requirement.
  3.  It has to be done in your CHOSEN area of specialization.

The process is as follows:

1.  You need to submit a synopsis of your project (as per guidelines)

2. The synopsis would evaluated by faculty members from the respective area of the topic

3. You would then receive the annotated version back

a. In case your comments state “Approved with Modifications”, then pls incorporate the suggestions in the project report

b. In case your comments state “Not Approved/Rejected”, then you would need to re-submit the synopsis and go back to step 1 (as above)

c. If it is “Approved”, then proceed with the report


4. Implement any changes in the project as suggested on synopsis approval

5. Prepare and submit a project report

6. Appear for the viva

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